Last February, a state report said: “The total amount of unpaid fines — that have accrued as a result of warrants not being executed — has escalated to $2, 395,312. 32 as of December 31, 2018.”

The system for collecting these fines is broken. The department that imposed the fines is not concerned, given admitted non-processing collection warrants. Then, what is the process? It’s called “inter-agency collaboration.” More appropriately, inter-agency zilch.

Come on, legislators. Come on, administrators. While nursing home needs are unmet, get off high horses and create a self-funding, strong-armed unit that lives in fine-debtor lives pending full payments.

Motivation for the referenced suggestion is already in the law. Called the deterrent effect of the law. Nonpayment of a fine is to have beaten the law. A heck of a way to educate someone.


John Benoit


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