Central Maine Power is now spending millions of its ratepayers’ dollars on a smear campaign, launching a new barrage of lies. They are accusing the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) of working with “Big Oil and Gas and against Maine,” and that the “NRCM is selling out Maine’s future.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. For more that 60 years now, the NRCM’s purpose has been to protect Maine’s natural resources, and to work for Maine’s environment. Their mission is in stark contrast to CMP’s mission to generate high profits and enrich its foreign-owned parent company.

Please, citizens of Maine, ask yourself this: Who do you think really has the best interests of Mainers at heart? Which of these groups is honestly concerned about Maine, its environment and clean energy? And which of these groups has a history of deception and lies that truly harms Mainers?

Here’s the real truth: CMP is spending a fortune to broadcast lies in order to gather support for its wildly unpopular and disastrous NECEC corridor project through Maine’s North Woods. Period. CMP knows that public opinion is not on their side and they are running scared.

You have the power to fight against CMP by signing a petition to get this incredibly harmful corridor project on the ballot. We must show CMP and the folks in Augusta that we, the people of Maine (and the NRCM) are the voices to which they should be listening.

G. Bud Samiljan

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