Tensions remain high because of the anger, frustration, confusion and contempt both Iranian and American governments feel towards one another. These emotions will continue to escalate despite apparent military de-escalation on both sides; there is a shared ideation that the opposing force is the terrorist organization.

War efforts in the Middle East are ongoing in this so-called forever war; furthermore, it would appear efforts for political, economic and cultural globalization remain at the forefront of our governments agenda. Moreover, although both the Iranian government and the majority of Iranian people contend their nation would be better served by local organizations, the Trump administration appears to be holding firm the belief that America knows what’s best for everyone involved.

It is my opinion that though the Trump administration may be wholeheartedly concerned for the well-being of the people of Iran, it has been made abundantly clear that our values and concerns are not shared by the recipients of our services.

As such, until such a time our presence in the region is requested, we should attempt to gradually and safely loosen our grip on the reigns, and allow Iran chose its own fate.


Peter Pfister

East Blue Hill

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