Not everyone has a so-called smartphone. When will the world wake up to the idea that not every single person has a smartphone or even wants one. Also many prefer to actually have a landline still.

Every single ad on TV or in papers and magazines tells you to scan this or add the app for that. When so many people don’t have those type of phones, it’s almost like a slap to the face. These people are basically being discriminated against because they choose not to go with the masses and be hooked up to social media 24/7/365 (this year, 366 days).

I believe these people are the smart ones by not having those smartphones. Almost every day you hear about things getting hacked. Now with smartphones you can lock and unlock your house doors; a hacker can get into your phones and steal that information to rob your house by just tapping your code. Even those doorbell-camera people have been in the news for their systems being hacked and people being spied on in their own house.

So who is the true smart one, those with one of those, or those without? My vote goes for those without.


Craig Pellerin


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