Stealing signs in sports, especially major league sports, started on Day One of that sport. (OK — Day Two.) It goes on in virtually all of them: hockey, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, you name it. It is part of that sport — a legitimate part of that sport, especially baseball. It is not unethical, immoral, un-American, unclean, etc. The argument could be made that it is unenlightened, but I for one would count that in the plus column.

If any team I root for weren’t trying to steal signs, I would want to know why. But if you object to it, find a way to prevent it or, better yet, to fool the thieves, thereby causing them to make a foolish move that plays into your hands; it’s all part of the game.

What would William Shakespeare say about this “scandal”? Much ado about nothing


Terence McManus

New Sharon

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