There are many issues of incredible importance being discussed in the 2020 election year, including climate change, health care and tax cuts. However, one critical issue has been overlooked by many candidates on the campaign trail, and it could impact our political system beyond repair if it continues to be ignored.

We can’t let another election cycle go by without a serious conversation and voting priorities around campaign finance reform. For too long, dark money groups have funded huge programs of ads in our elections to influence politicians to vote in their favor when it matters. That needs to stop now, but people aren’t talking nearly enough about it.

That’s where Sara Gideon’s Reform Agenda has stepped in and filled the gap. She released a policy platform that includes overturning Citizens United, banning former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, and refusing any gifts from lobbyists and special interests. The plan is straightforward, deliberate, and would accomplish its stated goal of removing the influence of dark money from our political process. It’s the most comprehensive plan for this issue that I’ve seen to date.

Gideon is leading the pack on the conversation around campaign finance reform with this agenda, and we should send her to Washington to enact it.

Brian Coffin


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