I am a right-leaning independent voter. I was born in Camden and raised by extremely hard-working, self-employed Republican parents who instilled in me the value of fiscal responsibility and a strong belief in the private sector. Despite my underlying core political beliefs, I write to express my strong support for L.D. 1646, “An Act To Restore Local Ownership and Control of Maine’s Power Delivery Systems.”

I was a strong supporter of former Gov. Paul LePage’s initiative to lower electricity costs and increase business viability, attract new businesses, and provide relief for residential customers. It appears obvious to me that creating the Maine Power Delivery Authority will enhance Maine’s ability to meet this goal, and provide necessary relief to current and future businesses and residents alike.

Many Maine communities are already served by consumer-owned utilities: Madison Electric, Houlton Water Co. (which also supplies electricity) and the Kennebunk Light & Power District. Nationally, we can look to our friends in Nebraska for a successful statewide consumer-owned power company.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to be born and raised in Maine, and those who embraced the idea later in life, recognize what it means to live their life here. We are a state full of hard-working and independent-minded people and we appreciate the value of honest business practices. I urge you to contact your state representatives and support this effort to create the Maine Power Delivery Authority.

Christopher J. French

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