As a former state senator, I spent years looking at public policy. Now that I’m on Medicare Advantage, different policy decisions affect my life, so I’m watching what candidates for president and Congress say about health care. I will only vote for individuals willing to protect my Medicare Advantage.

For those unfamiliar, Medicare Advantage is an option through Medicare that delivers coverage through private health plans. The program enables us to choose from dozens of different health plans, many costing nothing in monthly premiums. Each plan includes doctor’s appointments, hospital care, prescription drugs, preventative care, and more.

Seniors like me appreciate having one insurance card. And with everything in the same package — even vision, dental, and hearing coverage, if you want — health plans are even empowered to coordinate our care. Experts help seniors navigate services and make sure all parts of a treatment regimen work together.

As America ages, we need to do more to prevent, delay and proactively treat disease, or health care spending will explode. The way Medicare Advantage coordinates and delivers affordable care is helping.

Those are good reasons for today’s elected leaders, including Sen. Susan Collins and Congressman Jared Golden, to ensure the program only gets better from here.

Rod Whittemore


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