I have been seeing signs along the roads in my area stating “Yes on Question 1 – No to Big Pharma.”  So, I looked up Question 1 and was horrified to find that these signs are fooling those of us who want to stand up to the major drug companies to lower our prescription drug costs.

It is true that we pay outrageous prices for many important medications. However, the drugs that are putting a strain on the family budget are not vaccinations for our children. No one should be advocating for us to stop using those medications that have kept us safe all these years. These signs are misleading. They are asking us to repeal a solution to the spreading of measles and other diseases that are harmful to our children.

If you want solutions to high medical costs, contact your legislators.Find out how you can join the fight for affordable health care.

Meanwhile, keep  dangerous diseases out of our schools by using the cost-effective vaccinations that are recommended by our doctors.


Diane M. Clay


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