I attended the second meeting of Maine Climate Council and participated in Maine Youth Voices Day on Jan. 29. It was an empowering experience. Hearing from other Maine youth and talking to the council and the council’s working groups gave me hope that Maine is heading in the right direction in regards to climate action.

As a Mainer and Colby College student, it was a powerful experience to stand with fellow Maine youth as demands for the Maine Climate Council, including quicker climate action and a just framework for climate adaptation and mitigation, were presented.

Another highlight of the day was hearing youth representative, Ania Wright, address the Climate Council and attendees on her experience at COP25, the United Nations climate conference. Using the power of narrative from conversations she had with youth from around the world, Wright urged the council to take action and create equitable solutions.

Personally, the most productive part of the day, was having the chance to talk one-on-one with the council and working group members. These individuals were eager to hear from young people and seemed willing to consider our suggestions, answer our questions, and hear our concerns about their work.

Although the council has a lot of work to accomplish, this day and the emphasis that was put on the creation of a plan of action not just a proposal, proved to me that our state of Maine is a place of hope in the climate crisis and we have the ability to lead our country in necessary climate action.


Melody Larson


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