The Richmond senior center, known as the Golden Oldies Senior Center, has a new name, the Richmond Area Senior Center.

The center is a community gathering place where older residents of Richmond and surrounding areas come to laugh and learn together, pursue mutual interests, receive health service information, and participate in life-long learning, social and recreational activities. These programs are designed to enhance health and well-being, support independence, and encourage continued involvement in the communities to help residents age with dignity.

The center strives to create a space that feels welcoming, comfortable, safe and accessible to all, according to a news release from the center.

The name change came about in hopes of attracting younger seniors, newly retired adults, to enjoy a gathering space to share ideas, games or just conversation. Although they are now retired, they still have much to offer each other in experiences and interests, not to mention the down time they can share and enjoy with others.

The center is looking to deepen and widen community involvement and engagement. It welcomes ideas for speakers and programs to be of interest to all. The center still has many faithful attendees who enjoy daily games, crafts and social time, but what is it that the younger seniors would be interested in? The center seeks ideas and hopes to make the center more inviting to all.

The center will hold an open house in April and welcome all adults to stop by and share their ideas. Speakers for this coming year include: Fort Richmond “Big Dig” project speaker, speaker on the CBD benefits to all ages, The Story of Hospice, and the center hopes to introduce new engaging games and activities.

For more information, call the center at 737-2161.

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