Current TV ads feature a blonde woman identified as “Stacy,” touted as “mom, wife, teacher,” complaining about 2nd District Rep. Jared Golden voting for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. She’s no Mainer; she’s a professional actress. This same ad is running in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. In all, she makes identical pitches against sitting Democratic House Members in Congress. We’re supposed to contact said representative and urge him/her to work on “issues that really matter, like the opioid crisis, or securing the border.”

However, for just one example, Golden co-sponsored the Lower Drug Costs Now Act” that passed the House last month. The bill holds Big Pharma accountable and helps Mainers, particularly Maine seniors, afford prescription drugs.

The House of Representatives has passed over 300 such bills, many with Republican support, but all, including this one, now gather dust in the Senate. Paraphrasing Sen. Mitch McConnell, “When a bill comes over from the House, if I don’t like it, it dies.” He refuses to bring them forward for consideration. So Republicans now point to a “do-nothing Democratic House” and are believed by some people; in reality, the Senate is blocking action on important legislation.

Golden is our representative in the House and working diligently for Maine and America. He voted for the impeachment inquiry because he believed we needed to distinguish truth from political hyperbole. He voted against the second impeachment article because, as he pointed out, legal options had not been exhausted.

Golden has shown since before the last election that he is a super-responsible legislator, believing in hard work and not political theatrics. All our lives would be so much better if more representatives in Congress followed his example.

Jared had my vote in 2018; he’ll definitely get it in 2020.

Robert Nelson


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