The out-of-control price of prescription drugs has led to a crisis for too many Mainers and Americans around the country. In fact, 58 million Americans, roughly 23%, were unable to pay for drugs they were prescribed last year.

I have heard from many Mainers forced to choose between putting food on the table or paying for their prescription medications. It’s time for Congress to take bold steps to pass legislation that will tackle the out-of-control price of prescription drugs and hold Big Pharma accountable.

Congress has an opportunity to work across party lines and deliver results for the American people with The Prescription Drug Reduction Act. This legislation, passed out of the Senate Committee on Finance last summer and backed by Sen. Susan Collins, employs market-based solutions that are supported on both sides of the aisle. The bill will increase competition, boost transparency and provide much-needed relief for seniors on Medicare Part D.

Over half of Maine adults view this legislation as an urgent issue that the Senate should act on immediately.

I applaud Sen. Collins for her dedicated leadership on this issue and for the demonstrated commitment she has shown to Maine patients and families by supporting this legislation.

I urge her colleagues in the Senate to follow her lead and ensure this bill passes.

Kyle Metivier


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