Maine’s motto is “Dirigo,” meaning “I lead” — we have a long history of world-renowned leaders, from Margaret Chase Smith, to Ed Muskie and Bill Cohen. We know what a good leader looks like, and what an effective one can accomplish. After four years of Donald Trump, we’re going to need a true leader in the White House, one whose calm, steady leadership can reunite our country, and it’s why I’m proud to endorse Mike Bloomberg for president.

Under the Trump administration, we have witnessed chaos consume Washington; rampant partisanship, and special interests have prevented any results for people working to get by. With an agenda set by Big Pharma, fossil fuel companies, and lobbyists, it’s no surprise that the Maine fisherman, millworker or farmer has heard nothing but talk from the White House. Mike has never been about talk, but about action — regardless of what special interests think, he has never taken a dime in campaign contributions, and never will.

Throughout his entire career, Mike has been a leader, he built one of the largest businesses in the world with nothing but hard work and ambition. He grew the company from a one room office by following data, bringing people together, and putting progress over partisanship. Mike will do this as president, setting aside differences to achieve common goals, and deliver real results for the people of Maine and America.

Mike led as mayor of New York, expanding health care for working families and seniors. Under his leadership, the number of New Yorkers without health insurance fell by nearly 40 percent, and life expectancy increased by three years. As president, his plan would work toward universal coverage, lower costs, and improved health for Americans. Mike will expand on the ACA, making it easier to enroll, and reversing the Trump administrations attempts to undermine our health care. He will also create a Medicare-like public option, that would improve consumer choice, and drive premiums down across the board.

The people of Maine, especially our seniors, know all too well the impact prescription drug prices have on the rising costs of health care. Mike understands this, and it’s why he released his prescription drug pricing plan for Maine last week. His plan would authorize the importation of safe drugs from abroad, giving us long overdue access to the Canadian drug market. It would also allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, cap beneficiaries’ annual out-of-pocket costs at $2,000, and eliminate the drug-company payments to pharmacy benefit managers. His plan is not only ambitious, but is achievable, and would have a real impact on the everyday lives of Maine people.

Mike led as a philanthropist, tackling the toughest challenges facing Maine and the country. He saw the toll the opioid epidemic was taking on our communities so he took action, pledging $50 million to 10 states over three years to combat opioid addiction and strengthen treatment programs. He will continue this effort as president, investing in the areas that have been hit the hardest, ensuring that they have the resources they need to fight the epidemic. This would include prioritizing treatment over incarceration, and equipping rural health care providers with the medications, tools, and funding they need to treat those struggling with addiction.


In November, Mike will lead us to a victory against Donald Trump, He’s campaigning in 35 states, building an operation that can win in Maine, as well as swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan. With Mike as our candidate, I know we are in good hands.

Rep. Catherine Nadeau, D-Winslow, is currently serving her fourth term in the Maine House of Representatives. 



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