Sen. Collins is acting naive at the nation’s expense. Her belief that Trump will show contrition for his behavior is woefully contrary to who he has shown us to be these past three years.

Her vote now in the Senate impeachment hearing to hear witnesses is a Pyrrhic victory. Those testimonials are still very real and valid, but now, for some, they are diminished by not being presented under oath.

And Article ll? Possibly the most heinous of the high crimes against the country, it seems to have been forgotten.

Trump’s blatant obstruction of Congress is happening in real time, and it will continue — and especially so now that his erratic and constitutionally destructive behavior has been sanctioned by the Senate’s shameful acquittal.

Sen. Collins’s wishful thinking for Trump to be someone he is not is neither sound nor realistic legislating and is irresponsible and a blight on her oath to uphold the Constitution.


Olivia Atherton


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