My wife and I watched this last Super Bowl, as did millions of Americans. This is a country that is concerned with minority rights, as it should be. We as a people hear the outrage from the left all the time about protecting minority groups. Yet I hear no outrage for the Christian families around the country trying to raise children who would like to watch a family sporting event. I’m quite confident they don’t want to see scantily dressed women dancing and shaking their behinds during half time.

I’m only pointing this out because I have read many comments on social media supporting the performance. I’m personally not religious nor am I raising young children. As a conservative we are told we must respect lifestyles of others we do not agree with or we’re called bigots, homophobes and other nasty names. I don’t hear any outrage from the left trying to protect our country’s deeply religious minority.

I believe the NFL should tone down the halftime event. America is vast country with different audiences. The Super Bowl has become a major national event. We as a nation have a silent minority of religious people whom should be to watch a family sporting event with their children without seeing Jenifer Lopez, half dressed, shaking her behind and swinging on a pole.


John Hopkins


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