I am voting yes on Question 1 on March 3 because I believe in people over profits. My children and I recently returned to Maine after the death of my husband. I just finished my bachelor’s degree so I can teach and have the same schedule as my children; however if this law isn’t repealed we will choose to move back out of state.

I know teachers are needed here and our extended family mostly lives in Maine, but with three children all having severe reactions to vaccinations and doctors having their medical licenses questioned for writing valid medical exemptions in other states that have eliminated exemptions, I know Maine will see the same issues. The pharmaceutical companies are profiting greatly with a product that they have zero liability for, and over $4 billion has been paid out (not by pharmaceutical companies) as a result of vaccine injuries and deaths. How can we mandate a product that has risk of death listed as a possible side effect?

I wish more people would realize this isn’t about whether people should vaccinate. Many of us voting yes on Question 1 do or did vaccinate. This is about our representatives being bought.


Katie Hewett


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