Feb. 4 was the birthday of Rosa Parks, the unassuming hero who took a stand 65 years ago, refusing to give up her seat in the “colored section” for a white passenger. She was both a tired woman who had a right to sit and a defiant symbol of the ongoing struggle for racial equality. For her work as a civil rights activist, she was awarded the Medal of Freedom, this nation’s highest civilian honor.

Donald Trump disrespected her, us, and all other Medal of Freedom recipients by choosing her birthday to give the same medal to Rush Limbaugh, notorious racist, sexist and all around garbage human who had this to say about Native Americans: “Holocaust? Ninety million Indians, only 4 million left. They all have casinos. What’s to complain about?”

Honoring Limbaugh on Parks’ birthday was no unfortunate coincidence, but a choice made by Trump and his team. That’s not OK. We need to use our power to vote and make positive change.

Happy birthday, Rosa Parks. Real America remembers and honors you.


Adam Turner


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