I don’t understand how one can deny my children access to schools you force me to pay for because I refuse to jab them in the arm with needles.

As a property owner in the state of Maine and as someone who dutifully pays their income tax every year, I know we have borne a heavy burden: paying for our schools, our roads, our government buildings, the wages of our government agents and employees plus all the social programs that help the needy. (I do not collect any government aid in any form.) You cannot ask me to bear more by asking me to abandon my morality and my god for yours. This country was founded on the principles of liberty, freedom and justice. What is liberal or just about forcing people to inject themselves with any substance — despite its claim to health?

In truth you are not good keepers of our democracy and you are not liberals: You are tyrants. What course are you setting us upon when you can tax us for the greater good but then deny us access to the benefits? It is not me who is out of line with this question, but anyone who would force this upon others.

I beg you to reconsider. This country belongs to all of us, and it is our duty to safeguard all of our fundamental liberties without discrimination.

Silas McKenney


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