Sen. Susan Collins is no longer trustworthy to represent Maine in the Senate, and so it is time for a fresh voice.

Though she claims to be pro-choice, she voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and has voted to confirm dozens of federal judges who have stated they are pro-life. She has been complicit in stacking our courts with ideologues, often lacking credentials and/or the temperament to serve.

With her vote on the tax cut bill, she helped kill the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. She said at the time she had extracted promises from Majority Leader McConnell and others to pass separate legislation to strengthen the health care law’s individual health insurance marketplaces and mitigate premium increases that would result from abandoning the individual mandate. Since then McConnell has refused to allow any measure through the Senate, and Sen. Collins has silently gone along.

Most of her campaign money comes from outside of Maine, some of it from shady sources. For instance, a complaint was recently filed by the non-partisan group Campaign Legal Center. The complaint alleges that a Collins super PAC accepted a $150,000 donation from a shady LLC called “Society for Young Women Scientists & Engineers LLC.” Most of the $8 million she has raised has come from large out-of state donors and corporations. While she has had plenty of time to raise money in California and other states, she has never found the time to have a town meeting with her constituents. It is that she values her big donors over the rest of us.

It is time to vote her out of office.


Tracy Jalbuena


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