Lost Valley and the Dempsey Center have partnered to create the Dempsey Winter Games. Submitted photo

AUBURN — Lost Valley and the Dempsey Center will host a new winter-themed fundraiser in March.

Dubbed the Dempsey Winter Games, it will feature downhill ski and snowboard races, and a snowshoe walk and run.

According to a Tuesday news release, the sporting event is modeled after the popular Dempsey Challenge, and all proceeds will benefit the Dempsey Center.

It will be held Saturday, March 7, and is open to the public.

According to those involved, the organizations are hoping it will grow each year.

“We’re excited to partner with Lost Valley in raising funds for Dempsey Center services,” said Tish Caldwell, Dempsey Center fundraising coordinator. “We see this event giving a big boost to both the Dempsey Center and the Lewiston-Auburn area. I’m excited about the growth potential of the Dempsey Winter Games.”


The news release said participants must register in advance and raise a minimum of $75 to support the work of the Dempsey Center. Prizes will be awarded to top fundraisers in several categories.

“Lost Valley is honored to co-host this event with the Dempsey Center,” said April Shanaman, co-owner of Lost Valley. “The service provided there for cancer patients and their families is unmatched.”

Shanaman added that with downhill skiing and snowboarding plus snowshoeing, “we have the makings of an amazing first year event.”

“Looking to the future, our 10K of Nordic trails for cross country skiing and ever-developing fat bike trail network means future Dempsey Winter Games has a lot of potential for growth,” she said.

Travis Dow, marketing manager for Lost Valley, expanded Wednesday on plans for the future, stating that “singletrack” trails under development for fat tire biking will play a role in future events.

“We see fat biking and cross country being additional elements, as well as potential snowboard competitions, he said. “There is also snowmobile trail access from here, but whether or not that is to be a future group ride element or not remains to be seen. I think the more outdoor winter elements we can add will add to the number of people who choose to participate and increase the potential to raise more funds to support the Dempsey Center’s services.”

With locations in Lewiston and South Portland, the Dempsey Center provides a range of services for patients and families dealing with cancer, including counseling and support groups, massage and acupuncture, nutrition services, movement and fitness classes, and educational programs. All services are provided at no charge.

The annual Dempsey Challenge takes place in September.

Dempsey Center officials said Wednesday that Patrick Dempsey will not attend the inaugural winter games.

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