Though we have no horse in the race, we’re anxious to hear what Skowhegan chooses for its new mascot.

We in the newsroom have a running list of names we have jotted down each time some phenomenal idea has hit us.

The list is scrawled on a legal-sized sheet of paper that lies on a table near our desks, though sometimes it flutters  to the floor when someone walks by.

The paper is stained with coffee and cookie crumbs and is becoming tattered, worn and curled at the edges.

So far, some 20 suggestions dot the page, though a few I won’t share, as they are just too silly.

There are the Wizards, Watchers, Woodpeckers and Kennebecs.


For those of us focused on alliteration and fluidity of sound, there are the Skowhegan Sorcerers, Serpents, Scorpions, Stars and Senators, in honor of former U.S. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, who was from Skowhegan.

We have tossed around the River Drivers, Log Drivers, River Runners, Hawks, Eagles and Titans.

I favored the Tigers at one point as I thought Skowhegan Tigers sounded good and, like the Skowhegan colors, a tiger is black and orange and would make for a seamless transition.

However, a sports writer quickly discarded that idea, deeming Tigers as too common a name.

Being a Skowhegan Area High School alumna myself, I feel peripherally invested in this matter, though on a light-hearted basis, accompanied by an unrelenting sense of curiosity.

I sometimes think about the mascot name while falling asleep at night.


One recent morning, I awoke with an answer: The Skowhegan Stallions.

Lest you think it an odd choice, please allow me to expound on my reasoning.

Stallions are majestic, fast, fearless and feisty. They are strong, smart, sleek and savvy.

Picture the image of a black stallion painted on the school gymnasium wall, racing to the finish, eyes blazing — fiery orange eyes, perhaps? The black and the orange = Skowhegan colors.

Beyond its fierceness, the stallion is a beautiful animal, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of horses living in Skowhegan at the moment.

While growing up in that beloved town, I had a horse for a time, and several of my friends also were equestrians. Some of my happiest memories revolve around horses.


I can see them in my mind’s eye, galloping across a sunny field, manes flying, wild, free and loving the chase.

I envision that ferocity and zest for life in a new mascot.

I’m sure Skowhegan has some good suggestions already, but as Monday’s deadline looms, I’ll take the liberty of casting my own humble vote. The cheer goes like this:

S-t-a-l-l-i-o-n-s, rah, rah, rah.

Amy Calder has been a Morning Sentinel reporter 32 years. Her columns appear here Saturdays. She may be reached at [email protected]. For previous Reporting Aside columns, go to

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