I am very proud to be the mayor of Augusta, the capital of Maine; it is truly a humbling responsibility. Clearly, there’re quite a few differences between Augusta, Maine, and New York City — but many of the issues Mike Bloomberg and I have sought to address are the same.

During his time as mayor of New York City, Mike worked to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs, especially for seniors, increase access to affordable housing, fought the opioid epidemic, and made sure the children across the city were able to get the high-quality education they need and deserve. These are not just the same issues facing Augusta and New York, these are the same issues facing almost every city, town and state across the country.

Mike understands these issues, as well as the close partnership between our cities, states, and federal government, as president he would be the advocate in the White House that Augusta, and all our cities need.

I am very proud to endorse Mike Bloomberg because I know he is going to win on election day and deliver real results for Maine, Augusta, and the United States of America.


David Rollins


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