I didn’t start out supporting any candidate. Like many, I was undecided and just wanted someone to beat the current occupant of our White House. I was also dispirited and less hopeful than I wanted to be. I did some research, because campaigns are more than the candidate. How well organized, in how many states, are they building for the long haul or just hoping to catch on early? Are they proposing solutions or more slogan prone?

Most people want a government that works for them, that produces results and they’re pretty fed up with the current chaos and a would be king who governs by tweet with grudges and rancor. Many people seem to want a serious person with plans and accomplishments.

I’m now doing the unexpected — canvassing for a candidate who is tough enough to lead and smart enough to get us there, Elizabeth Warren. I knew she was the driving force behind creating the consumers bureau but I didn’t know it had returned $12 billion to consumers from over charges and the predatory practices of big banks, etc. Results matter. I also didn’t know that 30 years ago she was a Republican economist and changed when she found that most bankruptcies in this country are caused by medical bills.

She’s from the Midwest, started life as a waitress, has a great sense of humor and is quick on her feet. She inspires and leads with practical plans that are well researched. Primary seasons are several months long, and that’s actually a good thing as candidates have to be persistent and in for the long haul. She talks about leading with hope over fear and courage over cynicism.

I agree, and I’m ready for a president I can be proud of again.


Phil Bailey


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