BETHEL — A Madison man was charged with breaking into two sheds Monday, after police found a car full of tools and a crowbar in a driveway on Tyler Street.

Robert Marshall Oxford County Sheriff’s Office photo

Robert Marshall, 34, was charged with two counts of felony burglary, possession of burglary tools, refusal to submit to arrest, refusal to stop and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Chief Deputy James Urquhart of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Department.

Marshall was released from the Oxford County Jail on personal recognizance Monday afternoon and is scheduled to appear in the Rumford District Court on April 13.

An affidavit by Deputy Gerald Maccione said a resident of 21 Tyler St. reported a suspicious vehicle in his neighbor’s driveway at 16 Tyler St. and went outside to check on it. The resident also noticed his shed light was on and a gas can and a pair of sneakers were outside his plow truck in his driveway.

The vehicle parked at 16 Tyler St. was “full of miscellaneous tools and items,” including inside the trunk, and there was a crowbar as well, the deputy wrote.

While Maccione searched the neighborhood, a man identified as Marshall came out of the woods and three times refused to get on the ground as Maccione held him at gunpoint.


Marshall was eventually arrested and handcuffed. A knife and white powder Marshall said was for “snorting Vicodin” were found in his jacket pocket, the deputy wrote. A ski mask and knit cap were also found.

Maccione said Marshall told him the car in the driveway at 16 Tyler St. was his mother’s and he had a friend who “jumped out of the car.”

The car was impounded.

Maccione followed Marshall’s tracks to 51 Vernon St. a short distance through the woods. They led directly to a gas can, a car jump-starter pack and a red and black backpack at the end of the driveway. The homeowner said the items were from her shed and shouldn’t have been at the end of the driveway.

While in the deputy’s cruiser, Marshall attempted to unbuckle his seat belt, slammed his head against the window and screamed, Maccione wrote.

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