When the furnace quits, when the roof leaks, or when the car engine light flashes, I find a reliable expert to consult. Likewise, when my four children had high fevers, broken bones, sprained ankles, or needed braces, I consulted experts: pediatricians, family practitioners, nurses and dentists. Because they are members of the community, parents themselves, with years of training and experience, I knew they wanted what I did: healthy children.

These same medical experts are united in urging a no vote on March 3 on Question 1. They are not Big Pharma puppets. They are not interested in usurping parental or individual rights. Their goal, as always, is to keep the communities we live in healthy for all: school children, my newborn grandson, our immuno-suppressed neighbor, and my elderly grandmother.

To vote yes on Question 1 disregards the proven knowledge and experience of medical experts and compromises the safety of our at-risk neighbors. Be a responsible, informed voter, not one who is sidetracked by the irrelevant “Big Pharma” argument, or misinformation and unsubstantiated rumors. Vote no on Question 1.

Sharon Mathews

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