As providers of transgender health services at Lewiston and Waterville Family Planning, we appreciated the Feb. 9 article, “Farmington doctor leads by example when it comes to LGBTQ care in rural Maine.”
We know how important — and rare — it is for trans patients to receive care from trans providers. It’s unique and wonderful that Dr. Seeley can provide that experience for her trans patients, especially in a rural part of Maine.

We also know it can be especially hard for LGBTQ+ patients living in rural areas to find high-quality providers who are fluent in their needs and standards of care. And so we wish a fuller picture had been painted of resources available to LGBTQ+ people in central and rural Maine.

Maine’s family planning network has played a key role in dramatically increasing access to hormone therapy and gender-affirming sexual and reproductive health care across our large and rural state. Maine Family Planning offers Open Door transgender health services in Lewiston, Waterville, Belfast, Fort Kent, and Presque Isle. We use telehealth technology to further expand access to transcare around rural Maine. Both EqualityMaine and Maine Trans Net recently recognized MFP’s dedication to providing essential care for transgender Mainers.

We encourage LGBTQ+ Mainers to utilize the Maine Queer Health Community Database mentioned in the article, which provides accurate, up-to-date information with local perspective.

Sara Hayes, Lewiston Family Planning
Meredith Hunt, Waterville Family Planning

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