The greater good refers to benefits a community or society gain from implementing policies that contribute to creating a healthy safe balance for all. On March 3, we in Maine have a collective duty to keep a law which contributes to our common good in place.

Public Law 154, which eliminates philosophical and religious exemptions for student vaccinations, is the topic of Question 1. We need to vote no on this question, as only a vote of no will keep the law in place.

Before any law is put in place, due diligence surrounding the reasons why the law should be enacted are  fully reviewed and vetted by the public and policy makers who we vote into office. Public Law 154 was fully vetted and deemed to be best to protect all that live and visit Maine. This law contributes to our common good. These are the facts.

Immunizations prevent the spread of disease. Diseases like mumps, polio, measles, whooping cough are reduced and can only be eliminated through vaccination. Immunizations can and do save lives. When children are vaccinated per recommendations of our medical professionals, all members of the community benefit. For children who have true need for medical exception, Public Law 154 continues to allow for  medical exceptions.

When people of any age undergo various cancer therapies, their immunity levels are lowered. The only protection they have  from vaccine-preventable disease is the immunity from the people around them.  As immunization rates have dropped, immunity levels have too, and diseases that were once almost unheard of are once again becoming a public health issue and negatively affecting  lives.

Vaccination rates of children had  been dropping at an alarming pace, thus Public Law 154 was enacted. On March 3, for our common good, please vote no on Question 1.


Joanne Booth


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