Central Maine Power’s NECEC transmission corridor route travels directly through Maine public land in Johnson Mountain and West Forks, effectively cutting it into two pieces. This land contains two Heritage Brook Trout Ponds, with another nine close by. This rare public land is also home to the last and largest deer-wintering areas in northwestern Maine. Conservation lands and the Cold Stream Forest surround this public area. CMP felt the public land route was their best option for sliding their transmission project through.

To lease public land, state law requires a two-thirds vote by the House and Senate. CMP disregarded this law in 2014 and obtained a lease without informing officials what it was for. A bipartisan legislative committee just passed L.D. 1893, a bill that would block the lease.

Is there no end to what CMP will do to ram this project down the throats of Mainers? The new CMP Clean Energy Matters TV ads feature Lloyd Irland, former director of Maine Public Lands, speaking in support of the NECEC transmission corridor. Irland’s former job responsibilities were to protect public land. Now as a CMP “talking head “ on the TV ads, he promotes the corridor and its route though public lands he once defended. He states environmental gains, and as of yet Hydro Quebec and CMP refuse to state under oath that this is clean energy.

This area is very unique and worth saving from development. Trout Unlimited and other groups spent millions for conservation easements in order for the public to enjoy the surrounding Cold Stream Forest. This illegal development would fragment and diminish this unique land forever.


Edwin Buzzell

Moxie Gore

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