I’m a sex trafficking and domestic violence survivor. It’s been 10 years since I got out and safely came home to Maine. After being trafficked I became a successful plus-size model in New York City and recently moved home because I felt called to do so. I knew my community needed me to spread awareness on a subject they rarely hits the news: sex trafficking.

I’m currently creating legislation called Maegan’s Bill to help sex trafficking and domestic violence survivors. I’ll be speaking at various middle schools, high schools and libraries to spread awareness statewide. I’m mentored by Survivors Speak USA, which is a nonprofit out of Portland. I’m also working for the company that I ran to when I was escaping my trafficker; T-Mobile has come full circle for me.

I feel beyond blessed to be alive, and I felt called to reach out as a survivor to share my story and spread awareness in Maine.


Maegan Bell


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