Hydro-Quebec’s double-page ad in the Feb. 28 newspaper about the proposed Central Maine Power corridor infuriated me. How dare they use an image of Baxter State Park? They’re trying to bully Maine into accepting a damaging project that would forever harm the North Woods.

This ad is yet another example of how Hydro-Quebec, which is solely owned by the Canadian province of Quebec, is partnering with CMP to spend millions to spread misinformation using an expensive advertising campaign.

Hydro-Quebec has refused to participate in any legislative or regulatory proceedings about the proposed Corridor. Neither Hydro-Quebec nor CMP has provided verifiable evidence that the corridor will result in a real reduction in global carbon pollution. Instead, Hydro-Quebec and CMP vigorously fought an independent study that would have evaluated the project’s actual emissions impact.

Of course, Hydro-Quebec wants this corridor. It’s intended to help them by increasing their profits when they sell existing electricity to Massachusetts.

Maine people have made it abundantly clear that we do not support this project. A business owned entirely by a foreign government should not be allowed to exert such influence over political campaigns here in Maine. Right now, lawmakers in Augusta are considering a bill that would close a loophole that currently allows this interference. I urge my fellow Maine residents to support this bill.


Linda Woods


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