As a longtime patron of the Lithgow Library, I was surprised by the letter titled “Drugs are easier to get than books.” I have always found the staff there to be nothing less than courteous-to myself and any patron I have seen.

The tone of the letter seeming to suggest that the library was a scary place to do business, which in my experience couldn’t be further from the truth. The author suggests that her friend had to work up the courage to inquire about a library card. This seems risible, as the staff uniformly appear friendly and approachable. On occasion I have witnessed them telling prospective patrons that all of their programs and facilities are open to anyone, regardless of whether or not said person holds a library card.

Additionally she mentions that her friend will have to walk in the freezing weather to access an ATM to pay for membership. That inconvenience is directly across the street.

It seemed to me, after reading the letter, that the author was trying hard to make the library out to be a repressive place, which just doesn’t pass the smell test. Ask anyone who goes there.

George O’Connor