Four Boy Scouts from Troops 428 in Pittsfield and Troop 485 in Skowhegan participated in Pine Tree Council’s Winter Camp during February school vacation week at Camp Hinds in Raymond, according to a news release from Shelley Connolly, Troop Committee chairwoman.

During this camp the Scouts worked on four merit badges and completed the Winter Outdoor Education Program OKPIK.

This program provided practical and classroom instruction in cold weather precautions and first aid; cold weather clothing and equipment; hike safety and preparation; shelter building; meal preparation in the outdoors; survival shelters, and they slept in their shelter for one night.

The Scouts slept in their shelters on Feb. 19 when it dropped to 5 degrees (not including the windchill). They will be supporting the rest of the troop during a local winter camping event in a couple weeks.