In 2009 we had the H1N1 virus. That outbreak infected 61 million Americans and caused over 12,000 deaths.  

Those of you on the left who are politicizing the novel coronavirus by calling it Trump Virus, Trump’s Katrina, or calling for his immediate removal from office have a problem. You have painted yourselves into a nasty corner. The panic that has caused the stock market to drop and is bringing economic hardship to small business is thus far a reaction to less than 1,000 cases and 29 deaths nationwide.

If this does not become the disaster you are claiming, President Trump will call you out for your role in creating the panic. If this only becomes a moderate problem, then the president will point to the action by his administration as minimizing the problem.

That leaves you in a spot where this must become a major disaster, far worse than 2009. It leaves you cheering for a lot of dead and sick Americans. What a sad place to be.

Paul Anderson

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