Coronavirus spreads across Maine. It has reached Lincoln and Knox counties. The state is not releasing names and towns of those testing positive.

Having completely bungled confinement, government is now doing the one thing that can maximize fear, paranoia and panic – preventing people from assessing whether they may have crossed paths with a virus vector.

North Haven’s action (voting to keep nonresidents off the island) is just the first step on a bad path of societal collapse driven by critical information not being available. This is the information age except when it is most important

I don’t know if this is misguided health privacy sensitivity or sheer stupidity, but I do know it goes in exactly the wrong direction from doing everything we can to make sure hospitals aren’t swamped with true positives, or people who are negative but overwhelmed by hypochondria fearing they may have literally bumped into the unidentified case.

This is a war with a real death count, but we sure aren’t acting that way.

George Hart

Tenants Harbor

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