Upcoming annual Town Meetings and elections in central Maine have been postponed or have been changed to accommodate state government directions and emergency legislation concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

The Select Board of Burnham has postponed the secret ballot election scheduled for Friday. A new date and time will be determined by the Select Board.

The Town Meeting planned for Saturday was recalled on Monday. Under the law the meeting can be postponed within 7 days. A new date and time will be determined by the Select Board.

Albion’s municipal elections, scheduled for Friday, will be managed according to state guidelines to have no more than 10 people gather in a room at once. Voters at the Besse Building will be monitored to make sure the gathering stays under that number.

The Town Meeting scheduled for Saturday has been postponed. Staff at the town office said Thursday that the town will wait until the “emergency is over” to pick a new date for the meeting.

In Jackman, both the municipal election, scheduled for Thursday, and annual Town Meeting, scheduled for Friday, have been postponed because of the coronavirus. New dates for both have yet to be determined.

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