NEW ENGLAND — Beltone New England is offering Remote Care to its patients at a time when telehealth is much needed, according to a news release from Michael Andreozzi, CEO of Beltone New England.

“In response to recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are able to offer an alternative option rather than coming into the office for hearing aid service, as a convenience to our patients,” said Andreozzi.

“The technologically advanced feature, Remote Care, puts many of our patients at ease knowing they can still receive the care they need, even if they can’t or choose not to come into the office,” continues Andreozzi.

“Adjustments to hearing aids can be made remotely by the hearing care practitioner in real-time, so patients can be reassured that if they are ill or home-bound for any reason, they can still receive the hearing help they need,” said Andreozzi.

This is a feature of Beltone’s newest, most revolutionary, product — the Beltone Amaze.

Beltone is a trailblazer in this Remote Care technology and currently the only hearing aid company that can offer this convenient, advanced feature to its patients.


This patient-centered feature has been well thought-out to accommodate those that they serve which may, at times, be unable to come into the office every time they need help with their hearing aids.

Remote Care ensures that the wearer can enjoy a great listening experience, regardless of where they are. It’s as simple as sending a request for service from your smart phone using Beltone’s “HearMax” app.

The service is included free when the patient purchases Beltone Amaze hearing aids with no additional fees from Beltone, regardless of how many adjustments are needed. In addition, Remote Care will be enhanced even more this Spring (2020) when Beltone announces the availability of Remote Care Live — which will enable patients and their hearing care practitioners to communicate live with video to discuss their hearing needs.

While Beltone has taken the necessary steps to protect patients in their offices from the virus according to CDC guidelines, Remote Care gives patients more convenience and options, especially during cold and flu season. Patients can still come to the office in confidence knowing that the necessary precautions for their safety have been taken.

The local Beltone locations include:
• Augusta: 226 Western Ave., 509-3497;
• Brunswick: 275 Bath Road, 844-6197;
• Lewiston: 1761 Lisbon St., 520-2853;
• Newcastle: 71 Main St., 833 285-4912; and
• Waterville: KMD Plaza, 401-2327.

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