I am writing with some thoughts about dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19. First of all, though I am in favor of the federal government giving money to individuals who need help during this crisis, I feel it should only be offered to those who need it most. Many of us do not need money from the federal government. There must be a way to screen who is most in need. The IRS knows our yearly income.

Second, we can make donations to organizations, both national and local. The Red Cross is filling in gaps for so many (donations to the Red Cross can be used anywhere in the US; donations to the American Red Cross of Maine would be used locally). Homeless shelters need help too. The Bread of Life Ministries provides shelter and many other services to those living on the margin in central Maine. New Beginnings, in Lewiston, provides shelter and other essential services to youth in crisis. And think of food banks: Augusta Food Bank and Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Finally, the extent to which we all follow the recommendations regarding social distancing and personal hygiene will make a huge difference in restricting the spread of this virus.


Emily Bley