Many of us are sheltering in our homes, as we have been encouraged to do. We want our families, friends, neighbors and those we work with to be safe. So we are each making that sacrifice. Children are home, people are working from home, businesses are closed, restaurants are take-out only, churches aren’t congregating —and that is just a short list.

However, there is a little known population of people who are still going to work every day. Hundreds in small cubicles, side by side, in close quarters. These work areas are ripe for a major outbreak of the coronavirus.
No, I’m not talking about the Bath Iron Works workers. I am talking about non-essential state of Maine employees.

Our governor has shown understanding and sympathy for the employees of Maine. Many things are being done to protect the Maine people. But these state offices are potential hotspots. Every contact you have with a person who works in a setting like this could potentially put you at risk.

Closing these offices is a decision only Gov. Mills can make — and it is a tough decision.

Please join me in calling our governor and supporting her in lowering the risk for the people of Maine by closing these offices today. We are all in this together.

Joan Angelakis

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