I often see letters of thanks to our veterans, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and health-care providers for their valuable service. But I’m writing to thank some other folks who are providing valuable service during the COVID-19 crisis.
I would like to thank the people who continue to produce and deliver the products we all need in order to live day to day. I’m referring to the workers who make the toilet paper, the soap, the sanitizers; the farmers, ranchers, cooks and bakers who produce our food; the truckers who drive night and day delivering the goods to our stores; the store employees who keep the shelves stocked and man the registers; and the restaurant workers who provide take-out service.
I’ve had people thank me for my service when they see my veteran’s license plate. I think we should all thank the folks mentioned above, and all the other people who are on the job trying to bring some normalcy to our lives during this trying time.
Mike Barron

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