Lots of people are getting the coronavirus. Social distancing is staying away from other people. The government is saying to social distance. This means that we can’t go to school, restaurants, and sports games. We also have to stay home and not see a lot of people.

We should social distance because it keeps people safe. If you have the virus and you don’t know it, you don’t give it to other people if you stay away from them.

We should also social distance because not as many people get sick and that means flattening the curve. If lots of people get sick, the health care system can’t deal with it. There are a lot of sick people, and not enough doctors or hospital beds.

There are a lot of arguments against social distancing. Some people say it is not fun. You do not get to see as many people. And, we don’t usually do this.

All of these arguments are about what is good for you, but not what is good for everybody. The most important thing is for everyone to stay healthy, not for one person to have fun.

Even though social distancing is not fun, it is healthy. Therefore, everyone should social distance.

Aaron Asch

(age 7)


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