How anyone can support a person who dismisses people’s lives as just a number is beyond comprehension. A report said 2.2 million lives could be lost in the coronavirus outbreak; Trump said 100,000 or maybe 200,000 lives will be lost, so all together we have done a very good job.

Seriously, Is he trying to cull the elderly? We do not contribute to the GDP so are we expendable? He knew of the virus originating in China since January; he said, “We have total control.” We will see what happens. Every day is a different story with this conman who lies continuously, without regard or any recourse. He struggles with a mental illness called narcissism, fights his many insecurities with his ego-mania and his bigotry trumps any sensibilities. He is an unfit, unfair and vile person who has no business keeping the presidency.

Would anyone really want their children to look up to this spoiled and worthless man? Money can never amount to one’s worth, and we all leave with as much as we came with.

Dennis St. Jean