Many years ago both my wife and I missed extended periods of school because of contagious illness. In my wife’s case, there months here in Maine, for myself two months in Pennsylvania.  Both of us kept up with school work through our books and study programs sent to us at home by our teachers. We did this in a time long before computers and the internet.

I find it incredible that a week being closed, and the announcement that school will remain closed until the end of April, there was no program for the kids to continue learning in Augusta schools. That, frankly, as a taxpayer, is unacceptable. One would think that with today’s technology, a program would have been developed to keep those kids who miss extended time up to date, and such a program would easily transfer to keep the whole student body up to date.

We as taxpayers deserve to get what we pay for.  If no program is developed, I think the entire school administration and the school board should lose their jobs and the taxpayers should get a refund.


Paul Anderson


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