Hydro-Quebec with their ads are currently trying to buy the Central Maine Power corridor referendum vote in November. A loophole in Maine’s election law allows a foreign entity to influence a referendum election.

Some ads even compared Baxter State Park with The Jacques-Cartier National Park in Quebec to promote Quebec’s care for scenic beauty. This is really interesting that they would use this comparison since they once tried to destroy this park with a dam.

The Jacques-Cartier National Park is located in a very beautiful river valley surrounded by mountains. Similar to Maine’s Kennebec River, whitewater rafting, canoeing and kayaking are some of the many recreation sports enjoyed on this beautiful river. In 1972 Hydro-Quebec tried to destroy it with a hydroelectric dam. The Quebec people fought against this for three years. Hydro-Quebec finally gave up because it was so unpopular.

Hydro-Quebec’s new ads promote Maine as being side by side with its Quebec neighbors. This is the only truth these ads reflect. The Quebec people fought to save their natural resources as should the Maine people. Side by side.

Ed Buzzell
executive director, Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway
Moxie Gore

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