Maine’s public health community has proven its commitment to keeping Mainers safe in the face of COVID-19. Essential staff are bravely stepping up to make sure we have the care and supplies we need. Many Mainers have made sacrifices to ease the burden on our health care providers so they can give each patient the attention they deserve. It is heartwarming to see our community come together in the face of this pandemic.

Because of Maine’s strong leadership, it is easy to get accurate information about COVID-19, how you can stay safe, and how you can best help others. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention keeps their website up to date with current information, including the ability to stream its Monday-Friday press conferences. Additionally, the Maine CDC has partnered with 211 so you can dial 211 to have your COVID-19 questions answered by a trained person.

Maine has put together a website for people who want to help: You can volunteer with local nonprofits, so they can ensure the safety of people receiving help. You can give blood or donate medical supplies. You can donate to Good Shepherd Food Bank to help get food and distribution supplies where they are most needed. And you can support local businesses by buying takeout and gift cards (to be safe, dispose of takeout containers, and wash your hands for 20 seconds before you eat).

Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors. Commiserate over the challenges of trying to work, educate, and take care of children during a pandemic. Take care of yourselves and each other, and know that Maine is responding to COVID-19 with the strength and collaboration we expect from our tight-knit state.

If you need help navigating this, you can always call or text me at 209-3993.

Kalie Hess, MPH

candidate for Maine Senate District 15


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