PORTLAND — On Holy Saturday, April 11, Maine Catholics are invited to join in an act of solidarity with one another and all people of good will at 7:30 p.m., the hour of the sunset, by standing outside their homes with a lit candle, flashlight, or other source of light. At that time, they are asked to offer a silent prayer and reflection for those in the world who have died from COVID-19, for the consolation of their families, and for the healing of our world and an end to the crisis, according to a news release from Dave Guthro, communications director, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.

While remaining on their own property, this moment will allow each household to stand as one community on the Easter Vigil, the holiest night of the church year. This is the time in which people renew their baptismal vows and light candles as a reminder of their faith. In this difficult time, it seems particularly appropriate that we share in the light of hope with one another. This act also serves as a reminder that Jesus is the Light, and that Light is always with us, especially in times of darkness and trial. Catholics are asked to invite their neighbors and friends to take part, including other Christians, as well as people of other or no faith tradition. For those living in apartment buildings, people are invited to stand by their windows with their candles lit.

Following the prayer and reflection, Easter Vigil Masses will be live-streamed from many Maine parishes at 8 p.m. at portlanddiocese.org.

Catholics participating in this time of prayer are asked to “share the Light” by taking a picture and posting it to your social media pages as well as sending it to the diocese at [email protected].

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