Central Maine Power and their team of lawyers are certainly going to great lengths and expense to silence the people of Maine. It has become clear that it is their plan to tangle the referendum effort to stop their for-profit corridor project in so much litigation that it doesn’t see the light of day.

They have shown that their shareholders are willing to spend millions in dividends earned off our electricity bills to silence us, so they can destroy our western forest for their financial gain.

If their project to supply power to Massachusetts is such a good deal for Maine, as they claim in their giant ad buys, then what are they so scared of?

Are they scared that voters will remember that they are the least trusted utility in the nation, or that they were recently assessed a huge fine for systematically overbilling Maine ratepayers? Are they scared we will remember the thousands of illegal winter disconnection notices they recently sent out to intimidate Mainers into paying their inflated bills, or else?

Or are they scared that Mainers will realize that, contrary to their latest messaging, we know they could care less about clean energy or saving our planet? After all, they testified against many clean energy bills that came before the Maine Legislature over the last decade.

Mainers know the truth. They know that this project is a bad deal for Maine, and despite CMP’s recent efforts, the vote this November is still on.


See you at the polls, CMP.


Todd Talon

North Monmouth

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