It’s Wednesday, I just checked my temperature, 79.2, so this letter is safe to send — free from coronavirus. And, I’ve adhered to the practice of social distancing — even in my single-occupancy unit.

I usually follow rules. Being as I’m the oldest of eight, Mom kept both eyes on my doings. Akin to drill instructors at Parris Island Marine Corps boot camp, where I earned a sharp-shooters badge and finally erased high school bullied memories.

I haven’t always followed rules. There’s the time it cost me my job. See what you think.

New judges were given a list of fines to be imposed around the state, to achieve uniformity. Twenty-five for this; 50 for that, etc. I didn’t follow the list. I increased the shoplifting fine and the six cases per week dropped to no cases for three months. Passing stopped school buses with lights flashing — in a school district — reduced from 34 violations a month to four! The Legislature eventually set my $250 amount as minimum, still the law today. Across the board, a bite out of crime.

Applying the deterrent effect of the law was my sin — in the eyes of lawyers. It was bad news for their wallets.

Sensible rules help diminish social sickness, as with the coronavirus. Government sickness? Folks, look the other way!

John Benoit


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