Given the recent economic downturn in our country as Americans do their best to stay safe in their homes, I’ve seen both Democrats and Republicans talking about spending big on infrastructure to get Americans back to work and help our economy recover. Thankfully, we have the opportunity to kick-start that process right here in Maine.

The New England Clean Energy Connect transmission line project recently announced that it has awarded $300 million in new contracts to Maine’s own Cianbro, as well as Sargent Electric and Northern Clearing, Inc. From there, these companies will give work to other Maine-based suppliers, contractors, and consultants. Part of that infrastructure investment includes $200 million in upgrades to Maine’s electrical grid, allowing for more reliable service.

I’ve always thought it was the right move to make big infrastructure upgrades like this that benefit our state, but I believe it now more than ever given these uncertain economic times we’re living in. If infrastructure investments are going to be a part of our state’s economic recovery, then why not get to work sooner rather than later? Let’s make sure these improvements to our electrical grid, and the benefits they bring to Maine businesses and workers, are a part of the equation.


Alex Titcomb


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