People should try to picture this scenario: It is early October 2020. The coronavirus pandemic is worldwide and at a scale of prevalence and mortality similar to the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic. As of Sept. 1 at least 25 million Americans had contracted the virus and over 250,000 have died. The CDC predicts that the situation will worsen during the fall and winter flu season.

President Trump goes on national TV and announces that he is declaring a National Health Emergency. Among the many provisions of his executive order is one that states that because of the fears of further spread of the virus because of crowds at polling places, that he is ordering the postponement of the 2020 presidential election until the CDC reports that the pandemic is decreasing. He states that he will continue as president until such time that an election can be held safely..

Does anyone think that it is beyond Donald Trump to make such a move?
Does anyone think that the cowardly and spineless Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate, including the fake moderate Sen. Susan Collins, would have the courage and will to stand up to Trump and block his authoritarian moved?
Think about it.
Bruce A. Letsch
Auburn, N.Y.
(formerly of Litchfield)

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